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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Jumbo Partnership?

    Jumbo Partnership is a platform : Jumbo Partnership is a platform for you to sow a specific partnership seed directly to Dr. Isaiah Wealth monthly to cater for his personal effects, branding and mobility.
  • How is this different from Higher Impact Partnership?

    HIP is a partnership with the ministry of Dr. Isaiah Wealth. Though it is also a monthly commitment, HIP is used to fund ministry expansion projects such as Crusades and church planting efforts around the world. Jumbo Partnership is however channelled towards the personal effects of Dr. Isaiah Wealth.
  • Can I register on behalf of someone else?

    Yes, you may register on behalf of your child, but not on behalf of any person above the age of 16years.
  • Is joint partnership allowed for couples?

    Yes, you may register for Jumbo Partnership as a couple, using both names when you register e.g. Mr. & Mrs. A.B Johnson.
  • Can I reach Dr. Isaiah Wealth directly as a Jumbo Partner?

    Yes, you may have direct access and exchange correspondence with Dr. Isaiah Wealth through the Jumbo App.

Technical Payment Questions

  • Do I have to pay backlogs when I miss any month’s payment?

    No. Jumbo Partnership is for the matured. In other words, there would be no form of follow up whatsoever on partners. Whenever a month is missed, that month is automatically skipped. Three consecutive failed card transactions would however disqualify you from the partnership platform.
  • How do I confirm if my payment has been received?

    Upon payment, you would receive both a bank alert and also a personal message from Dr. Isaiah Wealth through the Jumbo App.
  • Do I have to renew my partnership periodically?

    No, that would not be required; so long your card details provided on the site remains valid.
  • Can I step up my partnership at will?

    Yes, you may increase your partnership amount at will. To do this, please login to the Jumbo App and click on the CONNECT menu.

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