Has God laid it in your heart to partner directly with Dr. Isaiah Wealth? This is now the opportunity! JUMBO PARTNERSHIP is a direct partnership with Dr. Isaiah Wealth’s personal effects, branding and mobility. This is not the same as partnering with the ministry (Higher Impact Partnership), as Jumbo Partnership is restricted only to catering for his personal effects and projects. This partnership system was born out of an encounter the Man of God had with the Lord, where a new partnership covenant was established. The LORD said, “I am going to give you a special group of persons who would take care of your personal needs. And I will cause the anointing that is upon you to bring them enlargement.” This is why this platform has been setup to accommodate such persons who the Lord would be leading to Becoming a Jumbo Partner automatically makes you a part of Dr. Isaiah Wealth’s Inner Elite Gospel Financiers. As part of the Elite Gospel Financiers, you would have the opportunity to:

i. Become a prayer partner with Dr. Isaiah Wealth. You would be alerted on prayer points per time.
ii. Sow a monthly seed of between N5,000 and N100,000 directly to cater for Dr. Isaiah Wealth’s personal effects.
iii. Sow whenever God lays on your heart to give i.e. freewill connection.
iv. Get special alerts whenever Dr. Isaiah Wealth has a personal project to handle.
v. Be on Dr. Isaiah Wealth’s personal prayer list.


1. Visit www.jumbopartnership.com and fill out the subscription form on the REGISTER page
2. Provide your personal and contact information and submit the form. You will receive an email confirming your registration.
3. login into your account on the REGISTER page and DOWNLOAD the Jumbo Mobile App which will keep you abreast of lastest information regarding Jumbo Partnership, and give you the opportunity to receive prayers from Dr. Isaiah Wealth.
4. Jumbo payments are to be made directly into this specified account:
   *Account Name: Michael Wealth
   *Account Number: 1003745006
   *Banker: Zenith Bank Plc.
   *Depositor's detail: Use FULL NAME & PHONE NUMBER
5. Download the Jumbo App which keeps you abreast of latest information and easy access to the website.

Become A Partner Now


1. Enjoy daily prayer cover by the Dr. Isaiah Wealth
2. Receive personal prophecies and blessings directly from Dr. Isaiah Wealth through the Jumbo App. (This would be from Dr. Isaiah Wealth himself, not an admin).
3. Receive a customized Jumbo Guild.
4. Attend a periodic Inner caucus meeting with Dr. Isaiah Wealth
5. Have the honour of catering for a Man of God.
6. Get credit to your spiritual account for every of his ministry achievements.

Become A Partner Now